Spitballing and Speculating

I still owe all you readers a quick 2x2 analytical table using the different dimensions of capitalism and markets (and thinking about the scale of the business enterprise) to categorize different kinds of builders and brands. My spring break is drawing to a close tonight and, fortunately, I made good progress on my commercialization of football … Continue reading Spitballing and Speculating


Two week deadline again...and running up short. Making progress on my political-economy of world soccer article manuscript, but this leaves me short on the framebuilding stuff. Been thinking about it, though, and had hoped to build on the Braudelian markets vs. capitalism material from past two posts.You can probably tell where I'm headed with that … Continue reading Placeholdin’

Estimating Handbuilt Bike Segment Size: Next Steps

The first steps in my "estimating the size of the handbuilt segment" effort were pretty successful in soliciting some useful feedback directly and on the forums...while also kicking off some interesting discussions (on list and off) about how to delineate and categorize different parts of the segment as a whole. Knowing the scale of the … Continue reading Estimating Handbuilt Bike Segment Size: Next Steps

How Big is the Handbuilt Bike Segment? Part III

Last time we looked at the total number of handmade bike builders in the U.S....which turns out to be a pretty big number. Turning to output and value, estimation is even more challenging; without direct observation, we must rely largely on informed-insider opinion and observation. The following, then, is intended only as a "thinking out loud" … Continue reading How Big is the Handbuilt Bike Segment? Part III