Getting Rolling Again & Article Announcement

Climbing back on here after a too-long period of silence. What happened? Got working in the winter on more revisions to my first article from the project (more on that in a second). Then, as mentioned in my last post, in the spring I returned to a long-stalled project on the commercialization of football/soccer. Fortunately, that football paper received good reviews…but I had a quick turn-around time on it and had to delve back into a bunch of football material to do so. Good news is that the football paper was also accepted (email me/comment for a pdf copy if for some reason you want to check it out), but that kept me out of the framebuilder work for another couple of months.

Back to the framebuilder project, then. That article? It’s titled “Making the ‘Handmade’ Bike and Trying to Make a Living: Market Objects, Field Configuring Events and Some Limits to Market Making” and appears in the academic journal Consumption, Markets & Culture.

If you want to take a look, the publisher offers free access to the first 50 viewers using this link. By all means, have a look (I think that link offers the download of the pdf file as well). After those views/downloads have been used you just need to drop me a line here (in comment) or email (brewerbd AT and I can send one along.

Next I’m turning to more threads in the project, as well as the framebuilder survey I’ve been moving from front to back burner for over a year now. Some of those threads have to do with interviewing those who have left the field (rather than just focusing on those who enter) as well as how framebuilders have tried to define and defend who is considered a “professional” in the absence of any formal industry organization or credentialing body. Here on the blog I’ll also be returning to the typology of builders and thinking more about different strategies for scaling up.

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