2 Weeks?! Article Update

Just passed the 2-week mark since my last writing…which means I owe myself a blog post here. I do have a good reason for not posting: finally finished the revision work on this academic article manuscript and resubmitted it to the journal this morning (technically still on the weekend, with today as a holiday)! Revising and resubmitting papers can be a crazy process, not only because you are trying to politely address critiques and suggestions from 3 different readers…some of which are inevitably directly contradictory. It’s also crazy because you write a kind of cover letter back to the editors – for the reviewers to read as well – to accompany the resubmission. Maybe it’s just my own temperament/tendencies, but I find it hard not to write a fair amount for this cover letter. Looking at the finished product, though, I realize I wrote about 3,500 words in the response – this for a 9,800 word article manuscript! So, it’s not that I don’t write these days, it’s that I’m writing a lot that won’t ever see the light of day.

Will see how the revised version goes over with the reviewers, but there would be some interesting follow-up from the paper to mention here (for instance: was there actually a handmade bicycle boom/renaissance that accompanied the rise of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show?..). However, I’ve hit my own goal of posting something to this blog at least every two weeks. And, thats’s enough for now!

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